FOR STUDENTS 6th-12th Grade


Our goal is to see all students intentionally choose to pursue God through establishing a relationship with Jesus. EMERGE Student Ministry strives to create opportunities for youth to share their questions, their dreams, their ideas. We facilitate opportunities for youth to share their life with others as they experience the wonders of a personal relationship with Christ. We encourage individual growth through worship, Bible study, community service and participation in international and domestic missions.

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Weekly Programs


Sundays 10:30AM – 11:45AM (7th-12th Graders)
Packed full of games, worship, food and lots of fun, Reveal is designed for youth to go deeper in their relationships with Christ and others. Students will hear a relevant message from the Bible and then break off into small groups to share their thoughts and beliefs in a safe, small group setting with other students in their grade and adult facilitators. Meet in Youth Room upstairs.

“Pier 6”

Sundays 10:30AM – 11:45AM (6th Graders)
This 6th grade ministry on Sunday mornings teaches the basics of Christianity and demonstrates how to be in a small group. It will prepare students not only for youth small groups for the future, but also how to take what they believe and build their own faith. Class times will be highly interactive and hands-on with opportunities for students to ask questions and share their beliefs among adult leaders and their piers…no wait…their peers. Ha! Meet in the Youth Room upstairs.


Select Sundays (6th-12th Graders)
We believe that learning about Jesus through scripture is awesome, but then we have to DO something! So, once a month our students are engaged in fun and challenging local missions that not only help them grow and make an impact, but serve as Jesus did.

“The Link” (AKA: High School Breakfasts)

Select Sunday Afternoons/Evenings
About once a month, we as a whole Youth Group Family like to cut loose and go just have fun! These events include Dart Gun Wars, Wet-n-Wild Water Parties, Skate Nights, Bowling, Laser Tag, etc. This is also a perfect time for students to invite their friends who are not involved in any youth group to come have a blast and meet your crazy small group and the rest of the family!

Gulf Breeze: Rotating Wednesdays 8AM @ Chick Fil A or Panera
Navarre: Rotating Wednesdays 8AM @ Alfies Restaurant in Navarre
Meeting off-campus, this is a great way to get plugged in before school for breakfast, prayer and encouragement.

Emerge Events

Stay tuned.. an exciting events schedule will be posted soon…