Our Team

Pastor and Lay Leader

Ministry Directors

Discipleship & Congregational Care
Director of Discipleship
Worship Director

Clint Jernigan

Children's Ministry


Assistant Youth Pastor
Night Facilities Manager
Business Administrator
Building & Grounds
Executive Assistant
Board of Trustees Committee

E.J. Gomes (Chair)
Terry Helmkamp(Vice Chair)
Holly Butcher
John Junot
Alex Grace
Jonathan Kanzigg
Saralyn Englert
Brian Colangelo


Church Council

Kristen Loera (Chair)
Scott Veroneau (Pastor)
Susan Junot (SPR)
Scotty Ardoin (Chairperson -Preschool)
Robin Herr (Treasurer)
Jeremy Carver (Finance)
Clint Jernigan (Missions)
Christy Sloan (Young Adult Chair)
Vicki Gilbeau (Membership Secretary)
Cortney Howard (Lay Leader)
Joan Simmons (UMW)
Bill Dorsey (Recording Secretary)
E.J. Gomes (BOT)


Church Council - At Large Members

Pat Clark
Lane Lynchard
Vaughn Nichols
Leslie Perino
Rob Williamson

Finance Committee

Jeremy Carver (Chair)
Britt Landrum (Vice Chair)
E.J. Gomes
Twila Gann
Robin Herr
Cortney Howard
Kristen Loera
Michael Snyder
Susan Junot
Scott Veroneau

Missions Committee

Clint Jernigan (Chair)
Kristin McGrew
Niki Merrill
Emma Bucey (Youth)
Joy Schulz

Nomination & Leadership Development

Scott Veroneau (Chair)
Tim Ehly (Vice-chair)
Joe Endry 
Cortney Howard
Larry Perino
Donna Jordan
Kristen Taylor

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Susan Junot (Chair)
Ralph Atchison (Vice Chair)
Cortney Howard
Chris Herr
Diane Smith
Addie Middleton
Tom Threadgill

Community Life Preschool Committee

Scotty Ardoin (Chair)
Addie Middleton (SPR)
Kristen McGrew (Children's Director)
Michelle Mock (Preschool Director)
E.J. Gomes (BOT)
Michael Snyder (Finance)
Scott Veroneau (Pastor)