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Forever Changed 6

Week 6 Palm Sunday (Mar 24): Peter

Is this going to be a good day or a bad day? Will my feet be used to move me in a positive direction or will I end up saying something that will prove yet again that I have a foot shaped mouth? I wonder if Peter ever asked himself these questions?

Our Forever Changed Series turns this week to focus on Peter. Sometimes we forget that Peter’s given name is actually Simon. When Jesus offered Simon the name Peter, it was for a greater purpose than just a term of endearment. Jesus used the names interchangeably as a reference for Simon to know if he was pointed in the right direction or possibly needed a course correction. Peter would ultimately become foundational and instrumental in the life of the early church but the journey getting there was full of all sorts of exciting moments.

Questions for us to consider: How often does the speed of our mouth outpace the filter of our hearts? Will steps be taken today to move us closer to the intended purpose of God? What name might Jesus use to call us to a more intentional life?

Forever Changed