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Paul’s Missionary Journey 2

In this second week of Paul’s missionary journeys, we continue following Paul on his first journey as he travels into Iconium, Lystra and Derbe. In these cities, we start to discover the extreme persecution that Paul and Barnabas would find as they carried out the mission. An uprising occurs and Paul is stoned and left for dead. Believers took his body and found him alive. They restored him and set him back on his way. Even after this horrible attack, Paul would not be denied. He and his companions circle back around and make their way through the cities that they originally met in ultimately leading them back home by boat.
The lessons we learn in Acts 14 are hard lessons to learn. Not everyone will receive the message of Jesus with joy. Not everyone is willing to stand beside or politely disagree with you. Paul learned that some people will attack and might even try to silence your voice. How will we respond in moments like this?

Paul's Missionary Journey