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The Wilderness 5

Week 5 (5/5/24): After striking a Covenant with Israel, God moved his people to the edge of the land that he promised to give them. In this story found in Numbers 13 and 14, God allows 12 of the leading men of Israel to spy out the land. After 40 days of searching, they determined that the land did indeed flow with Milk and Honey but that it would be impossible to conquer because of the inhabitants. Two of the twelve leaders pushed back on the report and felt that God would honor Israel and give them possession if they remained faithful. This is where Israel falls short and is blocked from entering the land except those children under 20 years of age.
How often do we forget about God’s goodness in our lives? We see the challenges in front of us but forget that God goes before us to fight our battles. What are some areas of our lives that we have not trusted God with?

The Wilderness