Emerge Events

For 6th-12th Grade Students

Join us for Emerge family fun!


Below you’ll find all of our event info. Some events require registration, while others you can just show up! Click on the Event Name to register!

This is the EMERGE Student Ministry Sign Up. Students (6th-12th Graders) and their parents are invited to help us at Night to Shine on Friday, February 7th from 4:00-9PM. Emerge is going to make Night to Shine the most lit party on the coast by screaming, cheering, clapping, and welcoming all of the guest to the red carpet! This will be unlike any ‘local missions’ event you’ve ever done! Open to all 6th-12th Graders and their parents. Free, and dinner is provided! Please wear nicer black or white shirts / and jeans.

9th-12th Graders are invited to join us for an overnight backpacking trip in our local wilderness! We’ll use this trip as an opportunity to experience God’s creation, while being unplugged from our phones and untethered to “real life.” We’ll be eating, sleeping, fellowshipping, and more all in the great outdoors! That means no electricity or bathrooms, but it’s gonna be great. We’ll be hiking into our camping area on Juniper Creek Trail in Milton. Spots are limited so sign up quickly!