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Care Ministry

Our goal is to provide love and support to our community neighbors with physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs. There is a time in all our lives that we need help or encouragement through difficulties. Our Cares Ministry staff works alongside volunteers from our congregation to be the hands and feet of Jesus through a broad range of ways, including prayer, presence, and financial assistance. If you have a need, please use one of the links below.

Prayer Request

Community Life offers a devoted group of church members who have committed to praying for you and our church. If you have a prayer request, please click the link below and complete the prayer request form.

Care Request

Our Care Ministry Teams help our church members and our community in various ways. We can help with light service projects, arrange for a volunteer or church staff visitation, and administer Communion. If you have a specific need for assistance, please contact us using the link below. We will make every effort to meet your need.

Financial Request

Community Life knows families occasionally run into hard times and cannot make ends meet with water or electric bills. Community Life church members give to our Communion Fund as an outpouring of their love for families in our community just like yours. While we are not able to guarantee that we can always assist financially, we may be able to help you connect with another local agency or ministry that can. Please fill out the online application by clicking on the link below.

Prayer Labyrinth

The prayer labyrinth is located on the north side of the building, near the Butterfly Garden. The Labyrinth is open to anyone looking to pray and meditate on God. It is gently lit at night.

What is a Prayer Labyrinth?

A prayer labyrinth is a sacred path and space used for prayer, meditation, and contemplation. A labyrinth is not a maze but a single path to follow to the center, and the same path leads out. Because there is no reason to be concerned with getting ‘lost,’ the heart and soul can engage the Labyrinth more intuitively to find communication with God in new, deeper, and more meaningful ways.

Labyrinths are pathways, often large enough to walk on, that Christians have used as spiritual tools for at least 1600 years. In today’s world, Christians walk the pathways of labyrinths for a variety of purposes, including prayer and meditation, for help finding the Center of their living, facilitating calm and stillness in a hectic world, finding clarity amidst life’s challenges and opportunities, and for listening to God.

Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is also known as the Prayer of the Heart, Prayer of Simplicity, or Prayer of Quiet. It is a receptive, deep method of silent prayer that prepares us to open our hearts so that we may respond to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit. It also familiarizes us with God’s first language ~ silence~ and is an ancient method of silent prayer, made new. It emphasizes prayer as a personal, intimate relationship with God (heart to heart). It is movement beyond words with Christ to communion with Him. When you pray, enter into your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Abba in secret…” Mathew 6:6

Centering prayer consists of the first two stages of this wisdom-saying of Jesus. “enter into your inner room” and “close the door.”

What Centering Prayer is:

1. It is, at the same time, a relationship with God and a discipline to foster that relationship.

2. It is an exercise of faith, hope, and love.

3. It is a movement beyond conversation with Christ to communion.

4. It habituates us to the language of God, which is silence.

Praying is a way of saying “YES” to God’s invitation to have a personal relationship with Him. Traditional (Discursive) prayer, where we do the talking, is the most practiced type of prayer. God created us to be unique beings; therefore, He honors a diversity of prayer expressions.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is an adult, Christ-centered 12 Step recovery program based on the 12 steps and their biblical equivalence, along with 8 recovery principles found in the Beatitudes.

Celebrate Recovery addresses all of life’s hurts, hangups, and habits. CR started in 1991 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forrest, CA, and is now in over 35,000 churches worldwide.

Celebrate Recovery meets every Monday night in the Youth Room. The large group starts at 6:00 p.m., followed by our gender-specific open share groups. We serve dinner from 5:15 – 5:45, which costs $5.00 per adult and $3.00 for kiddos. ($15 maximum per family.).
No one will be turned away!

Childcare is provided for babies (8 weeks and older) to grade 5 from 5:45 – 7:55 p.m. 
Please contact Steve Shates for more information!