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Forever Changed 1

Week 1 (Feb 18): Week one of Forever Changed connects us to the life of Matthew. This disciple turned apostle started his journey off as one that was ostracized from religious life because of his career choice. Matthew’s decision to be a tax collector found him shut out of synagogue worship and the normal ebb and flow of community life. No doubt, ridicule by religious leaders and scriptural authorities would have left a mark on this life. Thoughts of church hurt and self-righteousness permeate the landscape of his gospel account.

One of the most striking facts of Matthew’s future ministry would be his inclusion of 99 different quotes from ancient scripture in his account. This number reveals a vast knowledge of Tora and seems improbable from one who was denied community worship and would have been forced to search truth outside the normal constructs of faith. But clearly, when Jesus calls Matthew, Matthew was ready to respond. Did he finally discover authenticity? Did he finally find the one that scripture spoke of? What caused Matthew to leave a lucrative world and wade into a life of service to the Lord? One thing is for certain, when Matthew met Jesus, his life was Forever Changed.

Forever Changed