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Forever Changed 2

Week 2 (Feb 25): Nicodemus
Imagine spending your whole life at the top of your profession only to discover that you really didn’t understand the profession at all. This is the story of Nicodemus.
As a Pharisee of Pharisees, Nicodemus is thought of as one of the great religious leaders of his time. As a Pharisee, his focus would have been upholding the law and ensuring that all of Israel did the same. One evening, under the cover of darkness, Nicodemus seeks out Jesus and pursues insights to explain the miracles that he sees taking place. Jesus challenges Nicodemus by explaining that being born again would be required for one to see the kingdom of heaven. This statement temporarily breaks Nicodemus’ thought pattern but ultimately leads to a life that is, Forever Changed.
Nicodemus had to be willing to sift through his theology and allow the heart of his tradition to be challenged. What theological constructs in our lives need to be considered in light of Christ? What traditions have we held on to that need to be let go? And, how do we allow the Gospel message to forever shape our lives?

Forever Changed