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The Wilderness 2

Week 2 (4/14/24):
Journeying through the Wilderness sometimes leads to a dead end. In the case of our study this week, not only did the Israelites run into the Red Sea, but the Egyptians were hot on their trail. Being hemmed in on all sides can give rise to fear and that is exactly what happens. The people of God now wish they had stayed in Egypt and it was too late to make a change. God’s instruction… keep moving. Sometimes the only way to deal with a problem is to walk right through it. And that is exactly what God requires the Israelites to do. Moses raises his staff, God sends the wind, the water separates and the people cross on dry ground.
Rarely does God save us in the way we believe it should happen. I guarantee that splitting the Red Sea was not on Moses’ list of possible outcomes. With no requirement from the people, God splits the water and then asks them to keep walking.
How many times do we feel like life has trapped us? How often have we cried, complained, and bemoaned the place we find ourselves only to have God use that moment to reveal his power to us? How many problems have we wasted way too much time on trying to navigate around when God is asking us to walk right through the middle of it? This week we will study Exodus 14 and discover what God may be helping us to understand about our own Red Sea moments.

The Wilderness