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The Wilderness 3

We will continue our sermon series this week "The Wilderness" and will be reading from Exodus 16.
“The Wilderness”
Throughout the history of our Biblical text, God uses the Wilderness as a place to refine and transform his people. The Wilderness is a desolate and uncultivated place full of sand and rocks. Something about this barren and inhospitable place allows God to teach his people to seek and trust. Seasons of rebellion are shaped by correction. Times of lack are countered with divine provision. And a loosely connected family is transformed into the People of God.
Welcome to the Wilderness. In this series, we will follow the Israelites from their release as slaves of Egypt through the wilderness and ultimately study their sojourn into becoming the people of God. What lessons do they learn? How does God lead them? How does this journey help us understand our own time in the wilderness?

The Wilderness