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Tag: When You Pray

When you Pray 2

In week two of the series “When we Pray” we will take a look at the Lord’s Prayer as it is found in the Gospel according to Matthew. Jesus provides a framework for his disciples on how to pray. This framework not only orients our hearts toward our heavenly father but also toward the community we belong to as Christ followers. We will explore a practical application of the Lord’s Prayer to one another as we participate in the body of Christ.

When You Pray 1

Have you ever considered why Jesus taught us to pray the way he did? In the first week of When You Pray we will explore Luke 11 and dive into the heart of Jesus’ lesson on prayer given to his disciples. We will discuss the importance of how we orient our hearts on our faith journey, ensuring our spiritual rhythms do not become empty repetition, wrestle with what role persistence has in our pursuit of God, and consider the relationship God has invited us to participate in.

When You Pray

This series will focus on the incredible transformation that takes place When You Pray. We will anchor our two week series around the The Lord’s Prayer found in both the gospel of Luke and Matthew. In the same way that Jesus instructed his disciples to pray, we start each service by aligning our hearts by praying the Lord’s prayer. We will explore how Jesus chose to equip his disciples to pray and explore the exponential impact prayer can have within our spiritual lives as well as that of those around us. Join us as we study the beautiful gift of Prayer as one of the most important pillars of our faith journey.